Sunday, June 25, 2017

Porsche Bike X mini Death Ride

Today was my longest training ride before I start tapering to the July 8th Death Ride. I rode from Glenshire to Truckee, up highway 89 turning into Tahoe Donner, Tahoe Donner back into Truckee, then along Donner Lake and up and over Donner Summit and then descending to Cisco Grove. That was just over 40 miles and two mountain passes. Then I turned around and rode back the way I came.

The 8-hour ride ended up just over 85 miles with a 11,519 ft ascent. If you look above at my ride chart and compare to the Death Ride chart below it, it looks like I rode the first 85 miles of the Death Ride.

Once I completed the ride, I felt like I could have gone further. It was hot and I was getting tired, but I felt like I could have continued. The recommendation on the Death Ride website is to have at least an 8-hour ride completed this year. Today was 8 hours. I probably should have ridden longer, but I didn't want to over do it and get injured before the Death Ride.

I planned my food and liquid intake today just like the Death Ride. I made four food and drink stops today. At the Death Ride I'll probably do 6-8. So a little more "off the bike" time and I'm hopeful I can finish the entire 129 miles with the 15,000 ft ascent.

Today was also the first time riding with the SKS Tour Bag XL hanging off the 2004 Porsche Bike X seat post. The Tour Bag XL was purchased to allow me to bring two water bottles, one for drinking and one for pouring on my head when it gets hot. That two bottle strategy worked for me today. The Tour Bag XL looks small, but fits a lot of stuff. The bottom even unzips and expands downward.

Today was a tough ride. I have no illusion that the Death Ride will be anything but harder. I think I'm in just good enough physical shape to make it. Now I just need to prepare myself mentally.

The next week will be yoga stretching, some much easier rides, hot tubbing and then next Sunday a moderate 47 mile ride before really resting the week of the Death Ride.

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