Saturday, January 30, 2016

24 Hours of Daytona!

The 2016 sports car race season has begun! The 24 Hours of Daytona. There are many Porsche 911 RSR and GT3 Rs in the mix. I'm watching most of the race on the live IMSA stream. I did drag my stationary bike into the living room for a little exercise though!



Sunday, January 24, 2016

It's been raining...

It's been raining a lot these days. All my training has moved into the garage on the stationary bike. I have a great view of my Cayenne S, Boxster and both Porsche Bike S (1996 and 1998) though.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Adidas Terrex Boost

I ordered new shoes last night. They'll be my 53-mile and 100-mile bike ride shoes. No clip-ons for me - the bike didn't come with them - I want to be as original as possible. They're made from the same rubber and brand (Continental) as my bike tires. The shoe also has secured speed lacing. And same colors as my bike, of course! Adidas and Continental are German companies. And Adidas is a Porsche corporate partner.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

1998 Porsche Bike S 50-mile personal best

I wanted to ride 60 miles today, but once on my way I could only muster 50. But I did average 15.5 miles an hour which is a new personal best for 50 miles. The American River bike trail in Sacramento, California was still wet in places with puddles to dodge. But the 55 degree and low wind day made the ride perfect. My Porsche Bike S "A" rode flawlessly.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Rebuilt Porsche Bike S endurance test run

I decided to take my new 1998 Porsche Bike S "bike B" for a long distance test ride today. Purchasing my second Porsche Bike S on eBay for only $600, I thought it would be my secondary or "B" bike for parts and wrenching fun. After rebuilding the front shocks, tuning the shifting and brakes and replacing the seat and tires, I decided this bike needed a good test ride. So back to Sacramento to ride my favorite long-distance paved bike trail along the American River. The temperature was a cool mid to upper 40s. A little cold but that keeps the traffic to a minimum.

Getting the bike up to speed was so much fun. The Continental SportContact tires are so fast. I was blasting by everyone on the path like an 919 LMP1 passing GTE cars. Only two guys passed me, both on fast road bikes and wearing cycling jerseys. One dude was younger, on a speedy road bike and wearing an Audi racing bike outfit. Oh was I mad getting passed by an Audi guy. I road 50 miles and only passed by two guys ... Not too bad for 49 year old legs on a 17 year old mountain bike.

My trusty Adidas GPS provided the mile splits with usual consistency. This "bike B" was clipping miles faster than my primary Porsche Bike S. I was averaging about 18 miles per hour. One mile averaged 20.3 mph ... fastest mile I've ridden to date.

The bike performed flawlessly. The shocks, the gears, everything. I hit the 25 mile turnaround point with no issues. Well, I did then realize my cell phone only had 13% battery left! I snapped these photos before the phone, and my GPS, died. So I only was able to record the first half of the ride, below, and rode back.

Getting back to the car and recharging the phone I found I averaged 16.7 mph to mile 25 - new fastest ride to date. I wish I would have been able to record the entire 50. It might have been a new personal best. I suppose that leaves an opportunity for the next ride.

So, after a fun and successful test ride, I think I should call this bike "B", bike "A"!

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