Sunday, February 28, 2016

41 mile hilly ride on my Porsche Bike S

A new personal best on my Porsche Bike S. Today I rode 41.56 miles at an average speed of 11.6 miles per hour. To date, that's the longest and fastest ride I have achieved in western Nevada County in the foothills of California. I am still over ten miles shy of the distance I'll need to ride in early May on those same hills. The May 53 mile bike ride, hosted by the Grass Valley Rotary Club, is my spring target. This group ride is very challenging so I am training three to four days a week. I have prepared my 1998 Porsche Bike S mountain bike for long distance road riding by changing to road slick tires and a road bike seat. Next week I'll aim for 45 miles.

Niello Porsche Bike S jersey

I just received permission to create a custom bike jersey for my 2016 riding efforts. Niello Porsche in Rocklin, California has agreed to sponsor my bike rides, including (so far) Chico, Grass Valley and Sacramento. The custom bike jerseys will include three colors: red, yellow and black - all with Porsche logos and Niello Porsche logos. These will look sharp while riding my 1998 guards red Porsche Bike S.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

35-mile hill ride on the Porsche Bike S

I took my 1998 Porsche Bike S with road tires out for a hill workout today. I was hoping to ride 40 miles, but at 35 hilly miles I was worn out. I rode the back country roads between Grass Valley and Auburn in California. The weather was great and the roads were relatively clear of cars. The bike performed well! However, I need to get to 50 miles on these same hilly back roads by May. So next weekend I'll try for 40.

Side by side: 1998 and 1996 Porsche Bike S

This is the first photo of both my Porsche mountain bikes side by side. Both are the Porsche Bike S. From a glance they look the same. The bike on the right is the original 1996 Porsche Bike S. I've left this bike all original down to the last detail including the Sachs gearing. Since this was the first Bike S, I needed another to play with - who owns just one Porsche? The bike on the left is a 1998 version of the same bike. The frame and brakes are the same. The gearing was upgraded in 1998 though. I changed the tires to the Continental SportContact road tires for faster riding on streets. Both bikes have German made Continental tires to match the original spec. Although I bought the 1996 first, I've been riding the 1998 bike more often - leaving the '96 in excellent shape. Both bikes look great next to the Boxster and Cayenne in the garage!

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Sutter Buttes 40 miler on a 1998 Porsche Bike S

I just completed a fun 40-miler at the Sutter Buttes in Northern California. Nice tail wind on the return trip.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Global reach!

This little website about the Porsche Bike S has world wide interest on the world wide web!

People from the following counties have viewed these web pages:

United States
United Kingdom

Sunday, February 7, 2016

VIDEO: Porsche Bike S at the 7th annual Jim Rogers Memorial Bicycle Ride in Nevada City, California

Jim Rogers was killed by a distracted driver while riding his bicycle. This year is the 7th annual ride to remember Jim and bring awareness about the dangers of distracted driving.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Just finished 25 miles on the Porsche Bike S

Now at ol' Republic brew pub in Nevada City, California. We took photos, bike cam and drone video of the ride. I'll be posting that tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Next story for Porsche Club of America

I am wrapping up my next story for the Porsche Club of America national website. This month I am comparing the new 2016 Porsche Bike RX to my all original 1996 Porsche Bike S. Both are mountain bikes. Both are Porsche. The story will focus on what's changed in 20 years. I went to the longest owned Porsche dealership in the country, Niello Porsche, to compare the bikes. I'll post a link to the final story soon. Until then, enjoy the photo of the two bikes. To my knowledge this is the first time these two bikes have been photographed together!

Recovery week

Last week was a week to forget. Got a flat tire on the Bike X and crashed the Bike S. And in two consecutive days. This week I’m back on the...