Monday, November 29, 2021

Porsche Bike exclusives!


My new friend and 1990s Porsche Bike technical director, emailed me these two images. The white bike is the Porsche Bike R prototype circa 1998. And the orange bicycle is the first Votec-Porsche Bike design rendering. This is the design image that convinced Porsche to make bikes for global sale … and it is on his workshop wall today!

Bike Spyder #37 on display


The Weissach Bike Spyder #37 is now cleaned up and on display at the PCA National Office in Columbia, Maryland. A permanent display location for the unique bike and predecessor of all Porsche Bikes will be next.

Saturday, November 27, 2021



Growing up I always wanted the Porsche Transformer Autobot known as Jazz. Today while at Target I saw a toy version for sale. Had to buy it. 

Friday, November 26, 2021

Stationary bike ride with a view


45-minute stationary bike ride in the garage. Pretty cold and windy outside so I brought it inside. Nice view of all the Porsches!

Thursday, November 25, 2021

Bike Spyder: One of many favorite features

One of my favorite features on the Porsche Bike Spyder 9.85 prototype and the Bike Spyder #37 is the front brake line path through the handle bar stem. Saves weight ... shortest distance between two points. Most bike front brake lines travel "the long way" which is easier, but adds a tiny bit of weight. At under 20 pounds, every little detail on this bicycle is about weight saving. Very impressive for a 1990 design.

Bike Spyder #37 final cleaning


The historic Weissach Bike Spyder #37 is now degreased, cleaned, detailed, waxed, tires black again, leather cleaned and conditioned and still all original. Ready for display next week at the PCA National office in Columbia, Maryland. This 1993 carbon and titanium mountain bike is one of 50 produced and the predecessor of all Porsche bikes since.

Turkey day neighborhood 5K

Before finishing the Bike Spyder #37 cleaning and following Thanksgiving day food fest, I ran a quick turkey day 5K through my neighborhood park with the Porsche Design Endurance Boost running shoes.

Porsche Bike family tree

New information on the history of Porsche Bikes is flooding in these days! Retired Porsche Bike product manager, Bernhard Kciuk emailed me a 1996-2004 Porsche Bike diagram. This really clarifies the model range and years released! He also sent this photo from a Seewalchen bike presentation with Walter Röhrl in the center, Markus Weida who was responsible for Porsche Bike sales on the right and Bernhard Kciuk on the left.

Porsche Bikes on Jalopnik

Looks like the automotive media industry is taking notice of Porsche Bikes. Here’s a recent post on Jalopnik. 

Bike Spyder #37 cleaning

Preparing for display, the Bike Spyder #37 needed a good deep cleaning. 28 years of dried gear lube and dust. The cassette and chain were nearly black. I'm about halfway finished, with chain and gears mostly cleaned, washed the tires and frame and conditioned the leather. More cleaning over the long Thanksgiving weekend.
In April 2016 I wrote in a PCA article entitled "The Porsche Bicycle Missing Link?".

The last paragraph I mention, "Now if I could only find one of those 300 Porsche Bike Spyders and park it in my garage next to the Boxster, Cayenne S, and Bike S — that would really be something."

Yesterday that dream came true!

Porsche Bike exclusives!

  My new friend and 1990s Porsche Bike technical director, emailed me these two images. The white bike is the Porsche Bike R prototype circa...