Thursday, August 31, 2017

Legacy Trail run

I hate running slow. But I hate injuries more. So this morning under beautiful conditions, I jogged another slow five miles to continue to build my mileage base. I did pick up the pace a bit for one mile to confirm my lower right leg soleus muscle is fully healed.

I've done all this before, so I know what it takes. Slow and steady improves pace and avoids injury. I felt good after this outing. So I plan to either do another faster Donner Lake run or a track workout again this weekend after the Friday rest day.

The Porsche Design Endurance Boost running shoes are still performing flawlessly. I need to buy me another pair!

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Burning calories

The best way to run faster is to build a good mileage base and be as light as possible.

With that in mind, my goal has been to mix running and cycling to achieve a good balance of cross training. That way I can lose some weight while I am resting between running.

Today I again rode out to Donner Lake and back, on the 2004 Porsche Bike X. I am also counting my calories again, trying to get just the right amount of fuel and the right proportions of carbs, fats and proteins.

My lower right leg is feeling better and I will further test it out tomorrow on another short and easy 5 mile run.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Running again

After the long weekend and a little break from running, I slipped the Porsche Design Endurance Boost running shoes back on to see if my lower right leg soleus muscle has recovered.

I'm happy to report that the muscle felt ok. Although I did run rather slowly. But I'll call this progress.

Tomorrow I'm planning another 25 mile Bike X ride with another easy 5 running miles Thursday. Then this weekend I'm hoping to push the pace with a fast Donner Lake run.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Back home. Back on the Bike X.

After a long weekend of fishing, eating and drinking too much, I'm back in Truckee and went for a ride this morning.

I mostly needed to burn some calories after some overindulgence. Burning 1,250 calories riding the 2004 Porsche Bike X 25 miles around Donner Lake and back to Glenshire did the trick.

Even though Lake Almanor is nice, Donner Lake is way more beautiful. It's good to be back.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Another, another fun and fast ride

Since I'm heading off for a four day fishing trip, I thought I'd get in another short ride on the 1998 Porsche Bike S. I can always run while I'm out. But can't bring the bike. So I did a repeat of yesterday. Just earlier in the morning. Great ride!

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Another fun and fast Bike S ride

Still nursing my ankle and calf muscles, I jumped back into cross training mode on the bikes. Today I rode the 12 mile Truckee Legacy Trail route on the 1998 Porsche Bike S. Without a doubt my favorite ride. It's so fast, curving and undulating that the 12 miles go by so fast. It's feels like driving the 2001 Porsche Boxster on highway 49.

I didn't break any of my speed records on this route today though. Too many other people enjoying the paved path. The weather was a perfect mid to high 70s and some puffy white clouds providing shade.

Tomorrow I'm going to try an easy 3 miles and see how my soleus muscle is doing before a rest day off Friday.

Concours ready

I just received some photos from the 2017 Concours d'Elegance in Reno, NV. The Concours was the Sierra Nevada Region of Porsche Club of America's big annual event again at Rancho San Rafael Region Park. I entered the 2006 Porsche Cayenne S this year. All the Porsche cars and SUVs looked great on the grass!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

First injury

I thought I'd test my sore lower legs this morning with an easy trail run. Since I do not want to get the Porsche Design Endurance Boost running shoes dirty, I left them at home and ran in my Adidas trail running shoes. I was wearing Adidas head to toe. Adidas is a corporate partner of Porsche, you know!

The trail starts just down the street from where I live, circles a large pond and heads out into the forest. It's a beautiful little dirt path.

The first 3 or so miles felt good. Then a right lower leg muscle started to ache. Same muscle acting up during Saturday's run. I slowed up a bit and tried stretching, but that didn't help much. I've had a problem with this before. It's the soleus muscle. I need to re-strengthen it. Extra stretching, hot tub and a massage will help too.

I was hoping running on a soft dirt trail would help, but looks like I'll need to rest it a little. Good thing for me biking doesn't work that muscle much. So I'll ride the Bike S tomorrow morning.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Another Tahoe bike ride

With sore lower legs from yesterday's run, I decided to do a low impact ride to Tahoe City today. The 40 mile route from Glenshire to Tahoe City is now one of my favorites because of the beautiful views and relatively flat terrain. I get to pedal hard, go fast and see the Truckee River.

It's not too hot today so I started a little later than usual. But heading out at 10:30am put me in the thick of Tahoe tourist traffic.

But the ride was fun and my legs felt strong. I'm falling into a pattern of riding the Porsche Bike S mid week on the shorter rides and the Bike X on the longer rides, like this one to Lake Tahoe.

Tomorrow is another rest day and then back to running and the Bike S.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Donne Lake run

Today's run falls under the category, "not every run can be a Personal Best."

I wanted to run the Donner Lake loop again and see if I could beat last week's time. Stopping within the first mile to stretch didn't help. But a very tight right calf muscle during the last mile slowed me down too. I think the Thursday morning track speed workout left me tighter than I realized.

Still the views of Donner Lake were awesome and the shoes ran great. Today wasn't a PB, but there is always next week.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Porsche photo fun

With time on my hands tonight, I decided to have a little photographic fun with my Porsches.


I've mentioned this before, Oktoberfest starts on my birthday August 2 and lasts until the end of October, for me anyway. It sure helps that the Sierra Nevada brewery releases it's annual Oktoberfest brew on August 1st. Every year they make a great German lager. It's different each year so I look forward to my birthday for several reasons.

Each year is the same and it all starts with summer driving and riding my Porsche bikes and cars around the Tahoe Truckee mountain roads and drinking German beer afterwards. Then I start to make German dishes for dinner. When the temperatures cool in October, I'm usually into full German soup and bread mode.

I kinda doubt this year will be any different.

Porsche Design track work out

I wanted to see just how fast these Porsche Design Endurance Boost running shoes could go. So I ran some 400s, 200s and 100s at the Truckee High School track this morning. I didn't get there terribly early so the sun was up and it was getting warmer.

I started with a half mile jog warm up, then ran four 400s with slow 400 jogs in between. Each 400 was a little faster than the last. Then I ran four 200s with easy 200 jogs between. The 200s were faster than the 400s. Then I pushed the pace with four 100s with 100 walks separating them. And finally another half mile cool down jog.

I was frequently in the 6 and 7 minute mile range with low 6s for the 100s. I still didn't go 100% as I'm just a month back into running. I need to be patience and build my speed back up.

The Porsche Design Endurance Boost shoes are so fast on the track. As if they're built for this. I was flying along almost as if my feet weren't touching the ground. I am looking forward to running fast in these after I've built my running base back up!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Bike S 12 mile flyer

Continuing to mix up my Porsche-related workouts, today was a fast and fun 12 miler along the Truckee River Legacy Trail on the 1998 Porsche Bike S.

That bicycle seems built for that paved path. The steep and fast downhills, high speed corners, undulating straights and mix of hard pedaling and quick braking makes me feel like I'm on a race track with my Boxster.

I did stop for a photo and talked to an old timer about all the snow this winter. But other than that, I was riding flat out for the short 12 mile distance.

Today's plan was a short and fast ride to leave some energy for tomorrow's running track workout with the Porsche Design running shoes.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Easy 5

After a nice rest day, today I jogged an ultra easy 5 miler to stretch the legs and further strengthen the bones. I jogged, and a little walking to answer the phone, along the Truckee River Legacy Trail. I really enjoy this beautiful paved path. This photo shows the remains of a rock wall used in the late 1800s to back up the river and make ice.

The Porsche Design Endurance Boost running shoes are without a doubt my all-time favorite running shoe. And I've owned a lot of running shoes!

Tomorrow I'm planning to be back on the Porsche Bike S and Thursday a track workout with the Endurance Boost shoes.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Porsche Bike X back to Tahoe

I rode the 2004 Porsche Bike X back to Lake Tahoe for the first time since before the Death Ride. The 40 mile ride early this morning felt great. The route from Glenshire to Tahoe City is mostly flat with a couple short hills on the Glenshire end. So it was fun just cruising along. The Truckee River still looks beautiful even though the water level is now a little lower.

The Bike X is still performing very well. Shifting smoothly and fast on the flat straights.

That's two long workouts in two days. Running yesterday, cycling today. Tomorrow is rest day.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Fast Donner Lake run

My goal today was to break the 10 minute mile mark running 7 miles around Donner Lake. Last weekend I averaged 10:09 around the lake so, I was hoping to improve a little.

However, I felt good this morning and could maintain a pace faster than I anticipated. When I finished the 7 miles I was pleasantly surprised to see I ran a 9:10 pace around the lake.

I started earlier under cooler temperatures, which always helps me run faster. I think adding cycling back into the mix this week helps too.

Now my new goal, for next weekend, will be to beat this time.

I'm completely comfortable in these Porsche Design Endurance Boost running shoes now. Although it didn't take long, they now feel effortlessly fast. As my legs and lungs get stronger I can fully utilize these fast shoes.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Porsche Bike X Donner Lake ride

This morning was my first ride back on the 2004 Porsche Bike X since the 129 mile, five mountain pass, 15 hour epic endurance ride known as the Death Ride. It's been a month since I've ridden this bike. After the Death Ride I didn't even want to sit on a bike!

I just rode my favorite 24 mile route to Donner Lake and back. But I rode it hard. I pushed all the way there and back. And it felt good. I missed riding this bike. The Bike X is fast and smooth. Particularly on open roads.

Tomorrow I'm back to running with the Porsche Design running shoes with a track workout.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Five mile run/jog

Alternating running and cycling, today was a run day. I went out in the late afternoon and braved both warm sun and a few sprinkles on the Truckee River Legacy Trail.

Today's goal was to improve my one mile time. So, I jogged a slow mile and then ran a faster mile. Out of five total miles, only two were faster, one a 9:04 minute mile and the last a faster 8:20 - my fastest mile this year.

The Porsche Design Endurance Boost running shoes are helping me get up to speed rather quickly.

Tomorrow's plan is a 25 mile road ride on the 2004 Bike X and Thursday will be another track running workout with the PD shoes.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Back on the bike!

Today was the first day back on the bike after the Death Ride. I rode the 1998 Porsche Bike S along the Truckee River Legacy Trail. I only rode 12 miles but I had blast! After the 15 hour Death Ride, I couldn't even look at my Porsche bicycles. But after a few weeks, now I'm ready to add cycling back into the mix with my current running phase.

Riding the Bike S today was awesome. That bike handles so well. I was flying down hills and around corners. The Magura brakes stop the bike on a dime. I had to get readjusted from the slower braking Bike X. Plus my legs are still so strong that pushing hard for 12 miles was rather easy.

I plan to do some track running tomorrow and then a 25 mile ride on Wednesday.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Donner Lake run again

This morning I ran a 2017 personal best around Donner Lake. The 10.09 minute mile isn't really that fast, but for my recent return back into running, it is my fastest this year. I felt pretty good. Next goal is to beat a 10 minute mile.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Truckee Thursday

After parking at the Regional Park, I ran over to the Truckee Thursday event downtown, saw some friends and ran back to the Cayenne. So, my pace was slow due to the stopping and talking but I got the five miles I was after.

It rained most of the afternoon but cleared out just in time for the event and my run.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

4 miles in the Truckee sun

The only time I had to run today was at mid morning in the direct sun and warming temperatures.

I dropped the Cayenne S off at the Truckee River Legacy Trail parking lot on East River Street, walked across the river bridge and ran 2 miles east on the Legacy Trail before turning around and returning.

I didn't break any speed limits, but I did keep the entire run under a 11 minute mile pace. That's better than the last few weeks.

I'm hoping to run another 5 miles early tomorrow morning while it's cooler.

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