Monday, October 29, 2018

Bring back the 912

I wrote the following for my local PCA Region's newsletter...

Bring back the 912

Should Porsche bring back the 912? This is the random stuff I think of while daydreaming about my favorite automotive obsession. When you spend as much time in the garage as I do, it's hard not to wander in thought.

I'd bet I'm not the first or only person to think about this. I believe the conditions and rationale for a slower and less expensive 911 are similar to those discussed during the days the first 912 was introduced.

With the original 911 priced beyond some enthusiasts' pocketbooks, Porsche introduced a 911 with a four-cylinder 356 engine and, voila, the 912 was born. But we all know that history.

And today? What's my argument to bring the 912 back? The 911 of today has turned into a beast. It gets faster and faster with each new model. The fenders now flare out to outlandish portions compared to the first 911. And the price! Don't get me started. I'm not complaining here. The 911 is an amazing car. It's a thoroughbred sport driving machine that people with the right funds will undoubtedly enjoy. But the reality is that it's too much machine and too much money for someone like me. Heck, I really don't need 305/30R20 tires to get around. If someone gave me one of these new 911s, would I take it? Of course! 

I'm sure some will say that the Boxster or Cayman is the car for the "less than 911" crowd. While I'll agree with that (and I own a Boxster) it just isn't the same thing. A 911 is just … better. It's better because of the design, the shape, the performance, the history, the motorsports tradition, and, honestly, I look way cooler in a 911 than a Boxster. At least I think I do.

Like I said, my mind wanders while in the garage…

So, what about a new 912? Porsche could take the classic 911 shape that we all love, replace the massive six with a four-cylinder turbo from the 718 and, voila again, the 912 is reborn. But I'm not thinking a hulking 992 version of a 912 but a slimmer more svelte version reminiscent of the first 911 (and 912).

Wouldn't it be cool to have a modern version of the classic 911 shape? I wouldn't want to suggest that Porsche throw out all the current 911 development. But a 912 could sneak in and do something wonderful by filling the niche that some of us lovers of the old 911 long for. Can you imagine a light and nimble two-seater that wasn't too fast, handled well, and was easy on the pocketbook? Wait, that was the 912 of yesteryear.

History even looks fondly at the 912. At PCA Concours events I see people admiring a well-cared for 912 with the same glee as an early 911. Owners of these 912s hold their heads high with pride that their cars are still cherished by the Porsche community.

Bringing the 718 name back into the lineup shows the folks at Porsche care about the marque's history. So why not bring the 912 name back? Better yet, instead of just bringing it back, bring it into the future. This new 912 could be a fully electric car. A streamlined and lighter classic 911 shape with a small battery and electric motor in the rear could appeal to environmentally-conscious and entry-level Porsche buyers alike, while still retaining the mighty 911 name at the top of the petrol-fueled market.

Porsche could have this new 912 as the entry electric car and the upcoming Taycan as a top-end electric sedan. Then the Boxster/Cayman line would continue as the entry-level gas-powered vehicle with the 911 as the top-of-class automobile that it already is. I can't forget to mention the Macan and Cayenne line up and the SUV stepping-stone price points of these models. This new 912 could help round out the entire Porsche line up.

With electric cars all the rage these days, I think this smaller electric car would be a hit with the younger crowd too. After all, not everyone needs four doors these days. I'd bet an electric 912 would be a hit at the upcoming Formula E races that Porsche is entering in 2019-2020. As the young, and young at heart, flock to these metro city racing events, I believe a little 912 would be an instant hit with the millennial crowd.

As my garage-time think-fest comes to an end, if Porsche built an entry-level electric 912, I know I'd buy one. And, of course, I'd look cool driving it.

Hey, that's me...

I signed my name on the Rennsport Reunion VI wall again this year. I saw this image posted on Facebook and could see my name!

Friday, October 26, 2018

Wednesday, October 24, 2018


I've been spending time in the garage this week painting the cabinets and repainting the walls. My goal is to paint all the walls and cabinets white and paint the floor light gray this winter and have a nice bright garage for 2019.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

More mini Macan

Costco has a cool display...

Hot Wheels 962

Hot Wheels has been releasing a few 1:64 scale Porsche 962 liveries this year including the MOMO 962 with a matching transporter. I'm adding them all to my ever-growing collection!

Running again

It's been too long since my last run so this morning I braved the cold and high winds for an easy two miles. Nothing challenging, just still trying to lose some weight and strengthen the bones.

I still love these shoes. Even without running, I'm wearing them to work and out and about. I even wore them all four days at Rennsport Reunion VI.

I did find out what "EC" stands for in the Porsche Design EC Running shoes. At Rennsport I asked a Porsche Design representative. He said "EC is meant to sound like EZ running." So it's basically easy running. So now I know.

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Cayenne is home!

I got the Cayenne back from Porsche of Annapolis this afternoon after the recall work. The loaner Macan was awesome, but it's good to have my Cayenne back!

Monday, October 15, 2018

More Macan madness

Good times!

Loaner Macan

I dropped off the 2006 Cayenne S at Porsche of Annapolis this morning for a small recall item. The kind folks at the dealership put me in a Macan for the day. I'm driving around like those parking attendants in Ferris Bueller's Day Off!

Sunday, October 14, 2018

I will not be denied!

Thought I'd go for a nice cool autumn morning bike ride. But when I got out in the garage I found my rear tire flat.


This is the third flat tire in a week and a half. I rode 20 miles last weekend without incident after I repaired the last flat tire. Then after sitting a week, the rear tire had no air. When I pumped it up, I could hear air escaping.

Putting the 2004 Porsche Bike X on the rack, I changed the flat to my last back up tube. I didn't see or feel anything stuck through the tire.

Once repaired, I took off intending to ride the 20 mile Baltimore Airport loop. Feeling good and the bike riding well I just knew something else was bound to happen. But instead of flat tire number four, it started to rain about mile 13. Then it rained on me the entire way back. Today's forecast: 0% chance of rain. Without the morning flat I would have completed the ride before the rain, so I know I was working against greater forces. Forces trying to toughen me up I suppose.

But I succeeded! Time to dry off the bike.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Porsche wins Petite Le Mans

Nick Tandy deserves the GTLM win for sure. I watched all 10 hours!

10 hours of TV

I generally can't watch TV very long. But when it comes to sports car racing with Porsche involved, I can watch for a long, long time.

Today is the Petit Le Mans at Road Atlanta and all 10 hours is on TV. Porsche has two 911 RSR factory cars in the GTLM class and a couple GT3 R in customer entry hands.

I am enjoying the racing and my last few Oktoberfest biers and pretzels.

Monday, October 8, 2018

Place of honor

With a garage overflowing with Porsche stuff, I decided to clean up and move the original 1996 Porsche Bike S into my upstairs office room. This bike is in excellent condition and since I have two of these, I thought displaying it inside would be cool.

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Wrapping up Oktoberfest

Went back to Old Stein Inn for the end of Oktoberfest. This is where I started the two week celebration.

Lots of bier and German food. Good Oktoberfest times!

Great BWI airport ride - no flats!

After three attempts I finally completed the 20-mile Baltimore Airport bike ride ... without a flat tire. I completed all but the last .6 mile the first time and only 3 miles the second attempt. No glass or defective tire this time.

What a great bike path. I really like this little ride. It was mostly cloudy and cool. Prefect riding weather.

This isn't a distance record for sure but the perfect distance for a fun little ride. And planes fly right over me. I might make a weekly occurrence out of this.

Saturday, October 6, 2018


My interest in all things Porsche has led me to Continental. Continental is a German rubber company that really has little to do with Porsche. But Continental does make pretty good race and street car tires and great bicycle tires.

Over the years I've become loyal to this brand too. I now have Continental tires on both my Boxster and Cayenne, on all three Porsche bicycles and even on three of my Adidas running shoes.

I have summer-only ExtremeContact Sport tires on the Boxster and ExtremeContact DWS06 on the Cayenne. The Porsche Bike X road bike has Gatorskins and both Bike S have RaceKing Continental tires.

That's a lot of German rubber on my German equipment. The horse in the Continental logo is even similar to the horse in the Porsche crest. I guess my interest is appropriate. Feels that way!


This is how I do Oktoberfest. Tap a mini keg of Hofbrau Oktoberfest bier and wash and wax my cars. I also swept out the garage in preparation for painting. Perfect Maryland early fall day for the garage work. I brought out my Porsche car care kit to do the convertible top, exterior wax and interior leather care.

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Back home

Returning home from Rennsport Reunion VI, I resumed my Oktoberfest celebration and replaced the tire and tube on the 2004 Porsche Bike X. I will be riding and celebrating more this weekend.

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Rennsport Reunion!

I took hundreds of photos during my four days at Rennsport Reunion VI at Laguna Seca in Monterey, so the above are just a few of the more memorable cars. The event was over-the-top and I enjoyed every second of it.

Recovery week

Last week was a week to forget. Got a flat tire on the Bike X and crashed the Bike S. And in two consecutive days. This week I’m back on the...