Saturday, March 10, 2018

New Porsche E-Bike about to be released?

During this week's concept announcement of the Mission E Cross Turismo, Porsche teased in both the new Mission E vehicle's news release and video a new Porsche bicycle. In both it just references an "E-Bike". The video clearing shows a new bike currently not produced for Porsche. The thick silver frame can easily hide an electric motor. The wheel color clearly matches the rims on the Mission E Cross Turismo concept car.

What does this mean? I suspect we'll see a new Porsche electric assist bicycle release in 2019 to coincide with the Mission E release. Maybe even a "package deal" with the first year Mission E to drum up excitement.

The all-Porsche website, had a nice story about the tease of this new e-bike.

This isn't the first electric assist bike Porsche has produced. Scouring the web I found what looks to be a possible prototype to this new silver and blue e-bike. The website Bicycle Network Australia covered a Berlin based bicycle company focusing on electric bikes. The August 21, 2015 story clearly shows a Porsche Intelligent Performance themed Bike S outfitted with a thicker frame to house an electric motor - not unlike this new e-bike shown in the Mission E video.
Before that there was the 2010 Porsche electric assist prototype bike that didn't make it to the market either. This was a one-off test basically strapping a battery and electric motor to a mountain bike frame. This wasn't even one of the current Porsche bike frames at the time. If I recall correctly, this e-bike was intended to help publicize the Cayenne Diesel Hybrid at the time. Since this bike was never produced, this new Mission E e-bike will likely be the first e-bike Porsche will sell. I look forward to getting a chance to ride it!

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