Sunday, April 2, 2017

Porsche Bike S urban assault ride

This morning I threw the 1998 Porsche Bike S in the back of the 2006 Cayenne S and drove the 30 miles to Reno, Nevada. My training plan showed I needed a 30 mile ride today. I thought Reno would be a little warmer and the forecast said little wind.

The weather turned out awesome, but the strong recent storms caused all kinds of road and trail damage. I had to scrap my planned starting point due to a road closure.

To get my 30 miles I rode from downtown Reno as far west as possible and then back through Reno to the far east end and back to the Cayenne parked under a bridge in downtown Reno. The bridge's colorful graffiti made a cool photo backdrop.

I couldn't maintain a fast pace since the roads and trails were full of potholes, other bikers, walkers, strollers and homeless people. But I did get some great seat time and had fun swerving around all the obstacles. The Bike S is amazing in these conditions.

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